In lieu of our traditional toy drive, this virtual format enables us to better meet the needs of patients and their families spending the holidays at Phoenix Children's. Funds donated will be used to ensure children can still experience the magic of the holidays at the Hospital. Your gift can provide comfort, an educational tool, offer a distraction through difficult times and normalize the clinical setting.

Monetary donations allow us to take greater infection control precautions and purchase critically important, highly requested items, at lower costs, such as:


  • $25: 5 infant rattles, a musical toy for a toddler or 2 board games

  • $50: Birthday celebration for a child in the hospital or 8 teddy bears

  • $100: Items to meet the play needs of 2-3 long-term patients such as complex Lego sets or craft kits

  • $250: Art supplies for a month to an entire unit

  • $1,000: Bedside mobiles for 10 infant cribs or a 2-month supply of a unit's playroom and bedside activities
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