Simple Steps to Reach Your Fundraising Goal

Every dollar you contribute to Phoenix Children's Hospital has a direct impact on our children and their families. Your generosity makes it possible for us to offer the very best medical specialists, cutting-edge technology, and family-friendly services to our community. Thank you for investing in Phoenix Children's Hospital’s life-saving work! Whether it's your first time fundraising or you're a seasoned pro, we want to help you succeed! 

Raise $250 in 4 Days

Day 1   Show your commitment by donating $25 to yourself. $ 25
Day 2 Ask 4 family members to donate $25 each. $125
Day 3 Ask 3 friends to donate $25 each. $200
Day 4 Ask 2 co-workers to donate $25 each. $250


See how easy that was?! To raise even MORE money for yourself or for your team, simply increase the number of people you ask! For example, instead of asking 3 friends on social media, ask 15! Imagine the potential! Not on social media? Log-in to your participant center and send a personalized email to your contacts.


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